Bubba’s Marinara

December 26, 2013 · by JM Admin · Restaurants

I rescued Bubba when he was just an abandoned, little pup. I had no time, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Over time we became inseparable. Our favorite thing to do was to meander among the lush Berkshire gardens around our house. We’d hunt for fresh ingredients to inspire great meals. We love the simple things: full–blown June peonies; early morning mist on a mountain sunrise; lush summer tomatoes. Never one to like dog food, Bubba appreciated the meals I’d cook up from our garden walks, filled with only good, fresh ingredients. He was at my side as I perfected this sauce: simple, elegant and clean. It turns out Bubba and I are a lot alike, appreciating the simple, pure pleasures of this life. It also turned out that he was the one who rescued me. Bubba Macioge 8/01/2001 – 7/16/2013

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